Hi, I'm Stephanie

I help women just like you heal their relationship with food and make improvements from the inside out. I believe living a life of happiness and longevity begins with wellness.

Why have me as your Coach?

As someone who spent years struggling with their nutrition, mental and physical health, I understand how frustrating it can all be.

I understand the "pressures" associated with corporate jobs as well as the need to maintain your health & wellness to keep up with demands. I also know that your job comes with responsibility.

Now, having spent five years in the health and wellness industry, I am a Nutrition & Health Coach here to support you.

How can I help?

My work aims to optimise your health by considering every major area of your life. With my diverse range of skills, qualifications and experience, I help women make improvements to their lives.

I help you ease anxiety, regulate your nervous system and come home to yourself... all while banishing sugar cravings!

My results drive behaviour change, creating balance with your nutrition, mental, physical & spiritual health. I draw from my personal experiences in the workforce to guide you towards a more vibrant well-being.

In 2023,

I was awarded the Hi Style Villa Maria Award for Ireland's

"Women of Vision - Wellness Category"

In 2024 I was nominated again.

My main objectives are to transform your lifestyle, boost your energy levels & ignite your true potential